Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zimbra Installation on Debian, Ubuntu & Linux

Hi All...

Zimbra installation on any linux is very easy. It keeps system administrator in peace. If you really want to feel it INSTALL IT ;-) Enjoy.

  • Download Zimbra OS from http://www.zimbra.com/community/downloads.html
  • Before configuring setup the dns for the domain you want to configure the email on local machine or any dns servers. Example : Everydns, Xname.org.. ( This may take few hours).
  • Installation of bind ( Dns ) Configuration on debian / ubuntu.
  • apt-get install bind ( Installs bind packages on debian box )
  • add your ip address to /etc/hosts.
  • The first line of the file defines the IP address of localhost as follows: localhost.localdomain localhost
  • The second line will include the private IP address and hostname of the server: Ip Address) mail.domain-name.com mail
ex :- localhost.localdomain localhost
Your Public-Ip-Address mail.domain-name.com mail

  • Go To /etc/bind/ copy db.local file /var/cache/bind/'domain'.db = ( 'domain' = Your Domain Name. Any .com , .in, .org,) It would be better to configuring on local machine as dns server take few hours to resolve.
  • Change the domain name and ip address. ( Dont forget to add your ip add in /etc/hosts ).
  • Tip :- Properly mention the ( DOT (.) , Open Bracket & Close Bracket () in the /var/cache/bind/domain-name.db file. These are the main important things techies will go mad. ;-) unless they are very professional.
  • Add the domain zone in /etc/bind/named.conf.local
zone "example.com" {
type master;
file "/var/cache/bind/example.com.db"

; BIND data file for local loopback interface

$TTL 604800
@ IN SOA domain-name.com. root.domain-name.com. (
1 ; Serial
604800 ; Refresh
86400 ; Retry
2419200 ; Expire
604800 ) ; Negative Cache TTL
@ IN NS example.com.
@ IN A IP Add)
mx IN A IP Add)
mail IN A IP Add)
@ IN MX 5 mx.example.com.

  • Try to dig(Resolve) your domain name locally it should point your ip address.Once verified you can go head with next step. If you find any problem check the previous step.
  • Use dig command to check. exaample :- dig domain-name.com, dig domain-name.com mx.
  • Untar the downloaded zimbra file.
tar -xjvf filename.tgz /opt/
  • Before installation of zimbra you may need to install some necessary dependency packages.
libidn11, fetchmail, libgmp3c2, libxml2, libstdc++6, openssl, libltdl3, curl
  • Start installation of ZCS.
Go to /opt/zimbra/ run install.sh file.
             Run ./install.sh
  • After it confirms the dependency packages has been installed and it asks select the ZCS packages to be selected by ckecking " Y ".
Example :- Zimbra Apache, Zimbra Anti-Spam, Zimbra Anti-Virus, Zimbra MTA, Zimbra logger, Zimbra Stats, By Default Zimbra Proxy will be marked as "No". You can make it installable if you need. Please refer configure documentation of zimbra proxy in Zimbra Administration Documentation.
  • It starts unpacking the packages & installs all necessary & selected packages.
  • It asks you to make some changes in the zimbra administration configuration such as https port, username, password, etc..
  • Once done, Configuration will be saved & asks to send zimbra notification. ( You can say "Yes" If you want OR You can "No" too ).
  • Your zimbra mailbox starts working now.
  • Check your zimbra wheather its working properly.
    su - zimbra
zmcontrol status
netstat -antp

  • Finally Reboot your mail machine & check it.
  • Happy Zimbra Mail Server......................... :-)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Domain Level Blocking Users in Zimbra

Hi All..

The follwing are the simple steps to blocking users in zimbra postfix.

Below mentioned are the steps to "REJECT" an external email address from sending mail to the users of the Zimbra Domain.

1. Edit /opt/zimbra/conf/zmmta.cf

Add this line below (smtpd_recipient_restrictions)
POSTCONF smtpd_sender_restrictions FILE postfix_sender_restrictions

2. Create file /opt/zimbra/conf/postfix_sender_restrictions with the below line:


3. Create file /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/reject with the list of email address to be rejected in the below format:

user@domain.com REJECT

4. postmap /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/reject

5. zmmtactl stop ; zmmtactl start

Please note :- This change will not survive an upgrade and you will have to redo these after the upgrade.

Courtesy :- http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Domain_level_blocking_of_users

Monday, December 21, 2009

Check BitRate,Frequency,Info of Mp3 Files on Debian & Ubuntu

Hi All..

Know you songs BitRate, Play Time, Frequency, of your mp3 files.

eyeD3 filname.mp3

Example :-

everything_i_do.mp3 [ 6.00 MB ]
Time: 06:33 MPEG1, Layer III [ 128 kb/s @ 44100 Hz - Joint stereo ]
ID3 v1.0:
title: Everything I Do, I Do It For artist: Bryan Adams
album: year: None
track: genre: Unknown (id 255)