Friday, December 26, 2008

Installation QEMU On debian & ubuntu.


1. To install "qemu" on a debian/ubuntu machine follow the steps as mentioned :-

apt-get install qemu, qemu-launcher.

a. To install "qemu" using cd.

Login to admin account got to synaptic package manager, Search "qemu" install it.

2. After installing qemu, create a disk drive image in a separate path.

To create disk image type this command :-

dd of=hd.img bs=1024 seek=2000000 count=0

The space can be increased by mentioning seek=(), mention the space in bytes.

3. After creating disk image run qemu-launcher.

4. In qemu-launcher, Enable (Use Cdrom), [Bootable Disk = Cdrom (if your booting form cdrom)]

5. Mention the hard disk image (Hard disk 0 : /path/hd.img)

6. Disable the Acceleration in 'Emulator'.

7. Mention the ram size : ( Default will be 128mb), Make it double.

8. Once you done with mentioned steps, Click Launch, It will start booting from

cd & installation screen will be appered.

Enjoy playing with qemu...... :-)

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