Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Ipod management for Linux users, GNUPOD makes it very very easy... :-), I was using previously iTunes when i was unaware of of gnupod, Though i use linux for each work, i got new tool 'GnuPod' to manage my ipod. Installation & Using gnupod is simple. Follow the instruction to install & configure your new ipod management tool...

For Debian & Ubuntu Users:

Installation Of Gnu POd :

1. apt-cache search gnupod-tools
( Search for gnupod tools)

2. apt-get install gnupod-tools
( Installs the package)

3. apt-get install libtimedate-perl

Don't forget to install this package, If its installed not a problem, it not do it.

4. Plug in your Ipod, Mount it.

mount /dev/usbdisk /mount_point

5. If want you can take backup of it.

6. After taking backup, Remove data from mounted partition

rm -rf /mount_point

7. Preparation

gnupod_INIT -m /mount_point ( If the iPod is freshly formatted or you never used GNUpod before with this iPod, run this)

8. Adding files to Gnupod

gnupod_addsong -m /mount_point filename.mp3


You can specify the list of files to add.

9. After adding files

mktunes -m /mount_point

10. Umount the device.
umount /dev/usbdisk

11. Ready to use your Ipod.

For More Info :

Happy gnupod.

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