Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ubuntu 10.04 ethernet controller issue - Dell Optiplex

After the installation of Ubuntu 10.04 on Dell optiplex 790, we found that the Ethernet controller is not working on it.

After some research I found that there are no Ethernet driver e1000e was installed as there was a bug in that & resolved very soon.

The driver e1000e installation steps as follows.

  1. Download the driver e1000e.
  2. unzip the package.
  3. Make a cd to the src folder inside the e1000e folder.
  4. execute make command before that ensure gcc installed.
  5. execute make install command.
  6. execute modprobe e1000e to add the module.
  7. Now you should see the network should be working fine.
 We found this issue only in 10.04 as we were using this  distribution version frequently. We have only tested this on Ubuntu 10.04.

Happy Networking...Enjoy... :)

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